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Name Description Edition Release date
Saxophone playing fish pin Saxophone playing fish

A fish playing a limpet covered saxophone. You can immediately hear the music it is playing!

Open Edition Sunday 13 October 2019
Jack with pursed lips pin Jack with pursed lips

Jack's head with his lips almost "pursed".

The back of the pin has the Disney Pin Trading logo and the year 2014. Along with the normal copyrights and Mickey head waffling.

This 2014 pin has next to no information about it online.

Open Edition
WDW - 2014 Hidden Mickey Series - The Seven Dwarfs - Dopey pin WDW - 2014 Hidden Mickey Series - The Seven Dwarfs - Dopey

Walt Disney World 2014 Hidden Mickey Cast Lanyard Series - The Seven Dwarfs collection pin features the head of Dopey, from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, with a pick axe and a shovel behind him. A silver Hidden Mickey icon is on his hat. This pin is part of the 2014 Walt Disney World Resort Hidden Mickey Series.

Open Edition
Crystal (Bijou) Cheshire Cat pin Crystal (Bijou) Cheshire Cat

Part of the Bijou (Jeweled) collection from Disneyland Paris. Later released at DLR and WDW. This time we see Cheshire Cat's face in a pink colored jewel with yellow eyes and a dark pink nose with black whiskers. For search purposes: Alice in Wonderland. WDW sku#400020159106, $14.99.

Open Edition
DLR - 2015 Hidden Mickey Food series- Popcorn pin DLR - 2015 Hidden Mickey Food series- Popcorn

This is a Mickey Mouse Food Icon from DLR's 2015 Hidden Mickey Wave A which was released in April 2015. The yellow Popcorn sits in a bowl of red and white stripes. The icon's ears are blue and the Hidden Mickey is in the lower left ear.

Open Edition
Glow in the dark Oogie pin Glow in the dark Oogie

This glow in the dark pin features Oogie Boogie turning to face you.

He has a devilish grin and his arms are outstretched. This pin glows in the dark.

Open Edition Saturday 13 October 2018
Horace Horsecollar in a suit pin Horace Horsecollar in a suit

This Vinylmation pin of Horace Horsecollar sees him in a black suit with a little black bowtie on and grey hat.

He is standing in the classic "vinylmation" pose and smiling.

Open Edition Friday 20 September 2013
Candy Corn Jack pin Candy Corn Jack

This hidden Mickey pin features Jack smiling in front of candy corn.

The candy corn is the traditional white, orange and yellow.

Jack's shoulders protrude from the pin.

Open Edition
Sorcerer Mickey in Disneyland Paris pin Sorcerer Mickey in Disneyland Paris

This pin-on-pin features Sorcerer Mickey smiling and waving on top of a white pin with the words "Disneyland Paris" with a silhouette of the water tower at Walt Disney Studios Park and the castle at Disneyland Park.

Open Edition
Madame Leota Haunting since 1969 pin Madame Leota Haunting since 1969

This pin features Madame Leota from the Haunted Mansion ride and was brought out to celebrate 50 years of the Haunted Mansion!

Madame Leota is floating in her glass ball on a golden stand.

The pin is framed in a decorated tombstone with the words "Haunting Since 1969" on it.

The back of the pin is black, it has the Disney logo, the pin trading stamp and a 50 years Haunted Mansion logo, as well as the FAC number.

Limited Release
Haunted mansion Holiday Nightmare  pin Haunted mansion Holiday Nightmare

A picture Pin of zero in the library creating a Christmas tree. This pin also has a stand on the back.

Limited Edition 200
Captain Hook pin Captain Hook

Captain Hook from the neverland set

Open Edition
Happy Halloween  pin Happy Halloween

Tigger, Eeyore, and Pooh all sat with pumpkins celebrating Halloween. The background of this pin glows in the dark.

Open Edition
Saint Valentin  pin Saint Valentin

Thumper and Miss Bunny with a glittery heart celebrating Valentine day!

Limited Edition 900
Adoryable  pin Adoryable

Baby dory being Adoryable!

Open Edition

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