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Name Description Edition Release date
8 bit Donald Duck

This pin is what Donald Duck would look like as an 8 bit video game character.

Open Edition Wednesday 01 March 2017
Sally as a Tsum Tsum

Sally from Nightmare before Christmas as an adorable Tsum Tsum

Open Edition Friday 21 July 2017
Hidden Mickey pink ice cream lolly

A pin with a pink ice cream lolly and a hidden Mickey logo.

Open Edition
Hannah Mai Cinderella Bird

One of the blue birds from Cinderella features in Hannah Mai's logo pin, complete with floral backdrop and sparkly hearts.

It is a 40mm Black Nickel Hard Enamel Pin with Double Backing

Open Edition
Epcot Horizons Hidden Mickey

A pin for the logo of Epcot's Horizons 2015

Open Edition Wednesday 01 April 2015
Baymax hugging 2019

This pin features Baymax giving "2019" a bit warming hug.

The 2019 is coloured in purple, blue, yellow, and green.

Open Edition Tuesday 01 January 2019
Imperial royal guard tsum tsum

A tsum tsum pin of an imperial royal guard. The primary pin colour is red.

Open Edition Wednesday 01 November 2017
Aayla Secura tsum tsum

A tsum tsum pin of Aayla Secura from Episode 2 Clone Wars.

Open Edition Wednesday 01 November 2017
Cut out Mickey silhouette

This pin has a cut out Mickey silhouette. He is standing in an open armed pose. The pin colour is red. The back of this pin is stamped with "First release".

Open Edition Tuesday 30 June 2009
Multiple Mickey heads

A Mickey head containing multiple other Mickey heads of different colours. There is a thin black border. The background colours are red, yellow and orange and the Mickey heads are purple, green and blue.

Open Edition
Lock, Shock, and Barrel Stretching Room

Lock, Shock and Barrel on top of each other slowly sinking into some quick sand, mimicking the famous stretching room portraits.

The pin is sepia coloured, to look like an old photograph and has a spooky frame around it with skulls, spiders, bats, and pumpkins.

The kids look rather happy to be sinking, each with a devilish grin.

Open Edition Friday 01 September 2017
Marie, because I'm a lady, that's why

Marie looking happy with her chest puffed out. She is standing beside some framed text. The frame is lilac and the text is sitting on a purple background. The text reads "Because I'm a lady, That's why.". There are diamantes in the right corners of the frame. 2019.

Open Edition
Marie sparkle flowers

Marie with her head up and eyes to the side. Her signature pin bow is encrusted with pink diamantes. She is also surrounded by a border of glittery flowers.

Open Edition Monday 01 February 2016
Lock, Shock, and Barrel as Sally, Jack, and Oogie Boogie

This Halloween 2018 pin features Lock, Shock, and Barrel hiding behind masks to look like Sally, Jack, and Oogie Boogie.

The words "Halloween 2018" feature below the pin, and this pin folds out to reveal the mischievous youngsters.

Limited Edition 4000 Wednesday 31 October 2018
Mayor's Town Watch

This pin shows the Mayor of Halloween Town in Terror Triumphant (his car). On the left is a spider and on the right a screaming pumpkin. The text in green says "Mayor's Town Watch" and the text underneath says "Keeping an eye on the town".

Limited Edition 1000 Sunday 20 September 2009

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