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Name Description Edition Release date
2019 St Patrick's Day Lucky

Lucky playing in some shamrock, to celebrate St Patrick's day.

There are three rotating shamrocks on this pin

Limited Edition 4000 Sunday 17 March 2019
Jack Skellington standing outside Phantom Manor

This Disneyland Paris pin features Jack Skellington standing outside the iconic Phantom Manor.

Limited Edition 600
Halloween Town Pumpkin Mickey Ears

A spooky set of Mickey ears featuring Halloween Town from Nightmare Before Christmas.

The body of the hat is a spooky carved out pumpkin.

The left ear is a sign saying "Halloween Town" and the right ear looks to be Anubis, the Egyptian god of the dead, but it is actually the straw horse that Jack rides in on during the "This is Halloween" song!

This is part of a mystery ears set.

Limited Release
Digital Disney Minnie Mouse

This adorable Minnie pin is from the Digital Disney Mystery Collection and features Minnie re-imagined as an 8-bit video game character.

She is wearing her trademark dress and bow

Open Edition Wednesday 01 March 2017
Backstage Magic Pin

This is a special pin given to people who go on the Backstage Magic tour at Walt Disney World. This tour allows you to see a little bit behind the magic - no spoilers but this is a fun experience!

The entire pin is diamond shaped bordered with blue and red, with yellow in the centre. It shows two director style chairs with "Mickey" and "Walt" written on the back. In the background is Cinderella castle and the Spaceship Earth geosphere from Epcot behind some greenery. In the forefront are the words "Backstage magic", "Backstage" is contained within a banner and "Magic" is a more cursive style script.

The tours are organised by "Adventures by Disney".

Limited Release
Smiling Jack Skellington

A simple pin of Jack Skellington smiling a closed-mouth smile.

There is no background, his head is the entire pin.

This pin came out in 2008.

Lilo and Stitch in halloween custom

Lilo and Stitch dressed up for Halloween and hanging out with some cool pumpkins they've carved.

This pin features Lilo dressed as a witch in all black and holding a small pumpkin, and Stitch dressed as a vampire standing by a large pumpkin.

This pin came out in 2014, I cannot find out much information about this, it is incredibly similar to a 2003 pin of Lilo and Stitch ready for Halloween.

Buzz lightyear

Open edition pin of buzz lightyear standing alone with his hands on his hips

Open edition
Dumbo and Timothy mouse with a flag

Open edition pin of dumbo and Timothy mouse. Dumbo is holding a circus flag in his trunk

Open Edition
Stitch I feel proud pin

LE stitch and ducklings pin from Disneyland Paris - this is one of many in the collection 7/12

Limited Edition 700
Phantom manor sign

Open edition pin in the style of the phantom manor plaque which can be found near the entrance of the ride in Disneyland Paris

Open edition
Mickey Mouse Clock pin

Open edition pin designed to look like the well known clock outside the entrance for Disneyland Paris using mickeys arms as the hands of the clock.

Open edition

A crossover pin design of carl from UP! And stitch from lilo&stitch. It is 1.75" and custom printed!

Limited Edition 50
Stitch and Friends; Pegasus

This 3 inch hard enamel pin is one in a series featuring Stitch and a different friend on each pin. This is an LE50 pin with silver plating on the back.

Limited Edition 50 Wednesday 19 June 2019
Sandy Claws Tsum Tsum

Jack Skellington dressed as Santa Claus (Sandy Claws).

This is a TsumTsum styled pin of Jack wearing a Santa hat and beard.

Open edition Friday 21 July 2017

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