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Name Description Edition Release date
Forget about your worries and your strife

This pin features that famous Baloo quote from a song in The Jungle Book "Forget about your worries and your strife".

It is in a light aqua frame and has stylised text.

Limited Release Saturday 16 March 2019
Beach Club Resort 2018

A pin from the Beach Club Resort in Walt Disney World. It features a baby blue background. In the foreground is Ariel, Flounder, Sebastian, a starfish, a seahorse, a sand dollar and some seaweed. All this detail is in navy blue bubbles except Ariel's body which is solid blue. The text says "Disney's Beach Club Resort". "Disney's" is written in the classic Disney font and "Beach Club Resort" is the logo for the Beach Club which includes a shell at the front.

Open Edition

As this pin is from Disneyland Paris the tag has a "C" instead of an "R" because they call him "Rouky" in the French version.

This is a puppy version of Cooper, he is lying on his belly and looking upward with large puppy dog eyes. He is wearing a green collar with a name tag with "R" on it.

Open Edition Saturday 07 July 2018
Chip and Dale Classic Mickey Ear Hat

Chip and Dale hanging out behind a classic Mickey ears hat.

This is part of a Hidden Mickey collection

Open Edition Thursday 01 October 2015
Oogie Boogie holding dice

This pin features Oogie Boogie holding some dice and looking menacing.

He is holding two red dice, and there are another two red dice in the corner of the pin. There are two skulls on other corners.

Open Edition Thursday 07 October 2010
Zero Mickey Ears Hat

Zero the ghost dog has his very own Mickey Ears hat in this pin.

One ear has his dog house, you know it is his because it has Zero written on it!

The other ear is made up of bones, a ghost dog's favourite treat!

Zero is in the middle, looking very happy with the situation.

Open Edition Friday 01 July 2016
Oswald the Lucky Rabbit Shh

Oswald the Lucky Rabbit shushing/shhing. The background is green and there is a Mickey logo in the upper right corner. 2014.

Open Edition
Sully leaning into 2019

Sully from Monsters Inc is leaning on 2019 and looking pretty smug.

2019 is coloured purple, blue, yellow, and green.

Sully is his normal blue and purple.

Open Edition Tuesday 01 January 2019
8 bit Donald Duck

This pin is what Donald Duck would look like as an 8 bit video game character.

Open Edition Wednesday 01 March 2017
Sally as a Tsum Tsum

Sally from Nightmare before Christmas as an adorable Tsum Tsum

Open Edition Friday 21 July 2017
Hidden Mickey pink ice cream lolly

A pin with a pink ice cream lolly and a hidden Mickey logo.

Open Edition
Hannah Mai Cinderella Bird

One of the blue birds from Cinderella features in Hannah Mai's logo pin, complete with floral backdrop and sparkly hearts.

It is a 40mm Black Nickel Hard Enamel Pin with Double Backing

Open Edition
Epcot Horizons Hidden Mickey

A pin for the logo of Epcot's Horizons 2015

Open Edition Wednesday 01 April 2015
Baymax hugging 2019

This pin features Baymax giving "2019" a bit warming hug.

The 2019 is coloured in purple, blue, yellow, and green.

Open Edition Tuesday 01 January 2019
Imperial royal guard tsum tsum

A tsum tsum pin of an imperial royal guard. The primary pin colour is red.

Open Edition Wednesday 01 November 2017

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