WDW Cast Lanyard - MGM Parking Sign (Mickey Stage)

  • WDW Cast Lanyard - MGM Parking Sign (Mickey Stage) pin
  • WDW Cast Lanyard - MGM Parking Sign (Mickey Stage) pin

The MGM Parking Sign pins were apart of Collection 11 of the global lanyard pin series. This was a set of 4 pins that were little replicas of the different parking lot signs that were found at Disney’s MGM Studios. These set included:

  • Stage with Mickey Mouse
  • Television with Minnie Mouse
  • Film with Goofy
  • Music with Donald Duck

This particular pin is the Stage pin with Mickey Mouse. Mickey is famed by a circlular background with a red theater curtain hanging behind him. He is standing center stage and wearing a classy blue suit. A little Hidden Mickey can be found on the bottom right edge of the curtain on the right side of the pin. Below Mickey is a turquoise blue marquee with a lighter turquoise rectangle centered on it. STAGE is printed along this marquee.

The back of the pin has a sandblasted texture. Below the single post is a box that says Cast Lanyard Series. Below that is the Official 2005 Pin Trading Logo and the (C) and made in info.

There are know “scrappers” that have a cheap black base metal and an aluminum feel.

Open Edition
Release date
January 2005
Original price
Mickey Mouse

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