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Ursula - Trick or Treat 2018

Ursula - Trick or Treat 2018 pin

This pin is from a collection of limited edition pins. Each pin in this collection is a hinged pin that on the outside depicts the lair of a Disney villain and on the inside has that villain. This pin is for Ursula. The cover of the pin is an underwater case with a large gray shell in the center. Flotsam is peaking out around the edge of the cave on the bottom right of the pin. Inside is Ursula who is smiling holding her shell necklace out in front of her with her tentacles surrounding her. The back side of the pin cover is embossed silver with the words “Trick or Treat 2018” and Jetsam.

This pin was sold as a single pin limited to 4000 and in a box set limited to 1000.

The back of this pin features the Mickey waffle pattern and the Authentic Official Disney Pin Trading 2018 logo. This pin is also stamped with "Limited Edition of 4000", "3 of 4", and the FAC number.

Edition: Limited Edition 4000

Release date: 11 October 2018

Origin: Walt Disney World/Disneyland Resort

SKU/FAC: FAC-000122-18200

Original price: $16.99

Holiday: Halloween




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11 October 2018 $16.98
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