Indiana Jones Adventure - Snake and Spider Logo

  • Indiana Jones Adventure - Snake and Spider Logo pin
  • Indiana Jones Adventure - Snake and Spider Logo pin

This pin, that celebrates both the strengths and weaknesses of Indiana Jones, is made of a copper-toned base metal and uses the pin-on-pin gimmick. The base pin is a nearly round disc with a mono-toned, brown vector image of Indy himself in the center. His famous hat is shading his eyes while he stands in a mid-whip cracking stance, highlighting one of his many strengths. The pin-on-pin element, which features his main weakness, is die-cut around a pair of of cobra that are mirroring one another. The snakes are raised up in a threading Manor with a spider placed between their twisting tails. These critters are illustrated in the brown vector style that is used on the portrait of Indiana. The “Indiana Jones Adventure” Logo stretches across the snakes in yellow enamel.

The back of this pin has the Mickey waffling and a single post with 3 info boxes. The top info box contains the Official 2015 Pin Trading Logo. The second box contains the “(C) Disney - (C)&TM Lucasfilms Ltd - Made in China “ info. The bottom box is where the FAC is located.

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March 2015
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Indiana Jones

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