Enchanted Emblems - Aladdin

  • Enchanted Emblems - Aladdin pin
  • Enchanted Emblems - Aladdin pin
  • Enchanted Emblems - Aladdin pin
  • Enchanted Emblems - Aladdin pin

This is the September Pin of the Month Spinner pin. The base is gold colored. On one side of the spinner is the Golden Scarab, molded from the base metal. The background is a red enamel. The reverse side of the spinner depicts Jafar standing against a dark blue sky filled with white circles for stars. His long, thin fingers are holding the two sides of the scarab as he is bringing them together.

The spinner spins on an axis held in place by a base ring encompassing the spinner. There are two red gems on either side (left and right) of the spinner. The phrase “Seek Thee Out The Diamond In The Rough” is repeated on the top and bottom of the base ring.

The back of the base ring features the Mickey waffling. There are two posts, top and bottom of the base ring to hold it steady. The sku runs vertical to the left of the spinner. The Official 2020 Pin Trading Logo is placed between the sku and the top post. The Edition Info runs vertical to the right of the spinner. The (C) and made in info are between the Edition Info and the bottom post.

Limited Edition 3000
Release date
3 September 2020
Original price
Enchanted Emblems

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