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Dumbo donut shop

Dumbo donut shop pin

Donut Shop is a limited edition monthly pin collection released throughout 2018. Each pin has a charecter themed donut. The front of the pin with the donut flips down and reveals a cash register and donut case. The pin for Octtober has a Dumbo themed donut. The donut is a round donut that is gray and red. The donut is completed with Dumbo's hat and a little zig zag of yellow for his collar. The donut shop is a red and yellow color palette.

The back of this pin features the Mickey waffle pattern and the Authentic Official Disney Pin Trading 2018 logo. This pin is also stamped with "Limited Edition of 3000" and the FAC number.

Edition: Limited Edition 3000

Release date: 18 October 2018

Origin: Disney Parks

SKU/FAC: 400020734747

Original price: $16.99




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18 October 2018 $16.98
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