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Duchess Umbrella

Duchess Umbrella pin Duchess Umbrella pin

A concerned looking Duchess sitting under an umbrella. This is a pin on pin. The backing element is a purple umbrella with swirling detail on top. The handle is striped. There is rain falling on the umbrella and large drips coming off the edge. Duchess is the upper element and looks concerned and is looking up.

Back of pin: ice cream cone waffling, lasered FAC code, "Disney Studio Store Hollywood", "Limited edition 400", "©Disney", "China", two posts, NO nubs just the rivets

Edition: Limited Edition 400

Release date: 30 September 2019

Origin: Disney Studio Store Hollywood

SKU/FAC: FAC-046730-19189

Original price: $19.95




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04 March 2020 £50.00 source
30 September 2019 $19.95
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