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Name Description Edition Release date
Seven Dwarves jumbo

A jumbo pin showing all seven of the dwarfs. They are walking up a log with some greenery at the end. Doc is the lead and he is holding a lamp, which is a dangly on a chain.

Limited Edition 400
Lion King waterfall jumbo

This pin shows Simba, Timon and Pumbaa walking over a log with waterfalls in the background. There is lots of greenery and leaves. This is from the Hakuna Matata number. Simba, Timon and Pumbaa are all raised from the main body of the pin. This is a jumbo pin measuring H5.5 x W13.5cm.

Limited Edition 400
Belle jumbo DLP

This is a picture of Belle reading to some sheep on a fountain. She is seen sitting on the fountain with a book in her hands. There are three sheep. One which is an additional layer to the pin. This is a jumbo pin measuring H5 x W8.5cm.

Limited Edition 400 Wednesday 06 March 2019
Stitch cuties

Stitch with his hands over his mouth and eyes closed. He looks like he's giggling.

Open Edition Wednesday 01 October 2014
Mandalorian Symbol

This pin depicts the Mandalorian symbol used in the Star Wars universe.

It features a red mythosaur skull on a gold background. A mythosaur skull looks almost like an elephant or a mammoth skull.

The Mandalorian symbol is sometimes known as Kyr’bes

Open Edition Thursday 06 May 2010
Bailey Profile

Bailey the beluga whale from Finding Dory with his hands (fins) up to his head.

He is milky white.

Open Edition
Mr Incredible in front of Incredibles Two logo

This pin features Mr Incredible standing in front of the Incredibles logo.

He is wearing his red super suit (with the Incredibles I logo on it) and looks like he is running towards you.

Open Edition Sunday 01 April 2018
Toy Story Cloud Pin - Woody

Woody toy story cloud pin from my shop - @disneywrapping

Limited Edition 100
Dug spinning messages

This pin has a picture of Dug smiling with his tongue out. There is a border which is his collar. There is a spinning part behind which has three different messages: "Squirrel!", "I have just met you and I love you!" and "I have been very good today!".

Open Edition Thursday 25 September 2014
Pluto with his collar

Pluto the dog wearing his green collar and framed with a green collar, the bottom of the frame has a yellow circular ID tag.

He is smiling and panting with his tongue out.

Limited Release Friday 01 March 2013
Mickey hot air balloon

Mickey is in the basket looking straight ahead and smiling. The balloon is red and black and has two large buttons like his trousers. The basket is a pale grey and wicker.

Open Edition Thursday 24 July 2014
Simba hot air balloon

Simba is upright in the basket. The balloon is highly patterned with a purple Simba. The basket is round and a deep red/brown.

Open Edition Thursday 24 July 2014
Jiminy Cricket hot air balloon

Jiminy is seen looking up and smiling. The balloon is different shades of gold and has official conscience in the centre. The basket is cream.

Open Edition Thursday 24 July 2014
Big foot Marie

A hidden mickey pin featuring Marie from the Aristocats with big feet.

Marie is sitting down with large hind feet. She has pink toe beans and her inner ear is pink.

Her eyes are blue and she is wearing her signature pink bow and pink collar.

Limited Release
Minnie hot air balloon

Minnie is wearing a red hat. The balloon is blue with white spots. There is a large band of red with daisies. The basket is square and white. Minnie is waving.

Open Edition Thursday 24 July 2014

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