Disney Villain's Being Bad - Fantasia's Chernabog

  • Disney Villain's Being Bad - Fantasia's Chernabog pin
  • Disney Villain's Being Bad - Fantasia's Chernabog pin

This is one of four pins that represent some of Disney's baddest baddies doing their worst. Each pin highlights the villain surrounded by their magic, represented by a key, iridescent color. The four pins in this series include:

  • Sleeping Beauty's Maleficent
  • Fantasia's Chernabog
  • Aladdin's Jafar
  • Hercules' Hades

This is the pin that celebrates Fantasia's Chernabog. This demon has his black wings spread out behind him (on the left side of the pin). He is surrounded by gold, licking flames and his right arm is stretched out before him, with orange magic bursting from his claws. The pin is die-cut around all the aspects of the design.

The back of this pin has a sandblasted texture and a single post. The Official 2004 Pin Trading Logo is near the bottom, to the left of an info box that contains the "(C) Disney - Made in China" information.

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29 February 2004
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29 February 2004 $6.50 Originele prijs

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