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This year was the 20 year celebration for Disney pin trading and of course that called for a pin trading event! As we all know COVID-19 has really taken over our lives, to the point where our hobbies and interest’s have taken an impact. Disney made the decision to host this event virtually online to both the satisfaction and dissatisfaction of many. For me personally I was thrilled to see this announcement as it opened up the opportunity for attendance for those who lived internationally. For me personally I was thrilled to see this announcement as it opened up the opportunity for attendance for those who lived internationally. I’ve only ever attended one pin event in the past which, even at that, was not in my own country. However, as an avid pin collector I’m happy to travel to where the pins are! 

Registration opened rather early in my opinion but it was a smooth process. The ticket for the event cost $50 and this included a welcome and farewell pin which were not revealed until the pins were shipped. After this you were asked to fill out an RSP in priority order of the pins you wanted. 
I found the pin selection to be pretty decent, however, if your a princess fan you wouldn’t have been very satisfied. The options varied from blind boxes, open additions, limited additions and limited releases. Pins were between $20 right up to a couple of hundred dollars depending on your choices. A few weeks later you received an email informing you what pins you were successful in claiming. If you missed a pin or wanted more there was the great option of “last chance“ shop during the event, I myself purchased additional pins here too.

Onto the event! Initially I was not expecting much, however, the website maintained interesting content throughout the weekend including sneak peeks of upcoming pins in all the different parks. There was a discussion board for people to chat and share photos of her favourite pins along with badges for you to collect. There were also polls and questionnaires along with some family activities such as colouring posters to print.

Overall, I would struggle to call this a pin event solely down to the lack of pin trading. Now, I totally understand the difficulties that come along side this but I feel Disney could have organised online boards where fellow traders could have uploaded there pins for trade or ISOs. The shipping for the pins was also extremely pricey if you are international as they based the shipping costs off of the value of your package opposed to the weight. Once my pins arrived (after some hefty custom charges) the excitement returned  having to open this very big box full of new pins. I am excited to have these pins in my training bag as I know they will make great traders. 

For those of you who are curious, I purchased:
One celebrating hand-in-hand pin 
One yesterday progression series 
Three tomorrow progression series
One extra extra 2010 to 2014
One extra extra 2015 to 2019
One extra extra 2020
One Fairytale book; Cinderella
One Disney film storytellers tiny pin box set
One Our favourite memories; artist mystery set
One 20 years of iconic events tiny pin mystery is it
One pin trading 20th logo countdown pain
Two pin trading 20th countdown Donald Duck pins 
One Re-collections trading card and pin

Overall I think Disney tried their best and really thought of a lot of decent content. However, I do not think I would virtually attend another pin event in the future. 

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