Disney Funko Pop! Pins available for pre-order

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I won't allow myself to collect any of the amazing Funko Pop! characters out there. I don't have the space to store all the boxes (one of the many benefits of pin collecting, eh? minimal boxes!).

But friends, I've found a loophole! Funko Pop! pins! All the cuteness of Funko Pop! but without the space requirements 😅

I was browsing the Pop In a Box site and spotted loads of Funko pins that are available for pre-order. The release date is scheduled for May 2021.

Baby Pegasus pin
Baby Pegasus pin

All of the pins come in at about 1.5 inches and are retailing for £15.99 plus postage, and they seem to have way more than just Disney available, there are Marvel pins, and if you're into Friends, they seemed to have some of those too!. You can check out their pins here.

I don't know how long these will last once the pins are released, I know that Funko Pop! are hyper-popular, so I imagine they will sell out pretty quick.

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