Art of Disney Animation

After going to Disneyland Paris in December 2019, I'd not been back to the Art if Disney Animation since I was about 12. Walt Disney Studios was the reason I went into Media at college & University. Between Art of Disney Animation & the car stunt show, they helped shaped my teenage years.

I was quite excited to go back to see how it looked now. I remember it being filled with original drawings & graphics of Disney films & it absolutely fascinated me. Unfortunately, this isn't the case anymore, a Frozen experience has replaced it (whether temporary or permanent, I'm unsure). As much as I understand that a park has to grow with the times, this is the best decision for the park, I was just gutted that the original art of Disney animation isn't there anymore.

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Once inside you are greeted with these impressive artworks on the wall & opposite that you can meet Olaf (can only meet him if you are in a LineBerty queue).

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We did meet Olaf but a lot later on that day. When you go into a different room, there is Toy Story animation where it shows you how they do it.

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They have a circular board that they have changed a little bit so when they spin it round & flash lights at it, it looks like it's moving. I did take a video but due to the lights flashing, it doesn't show you the full affect. 

So, as much as I feel gutted that they have changed it, I understand that Frozen is what is going to bring more people in!

Thank you for reading.
Have a Disney kinda day ✌️

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