Pin Trader Club

Monthly Disney Pin Giveaway

Would you like a free Disney Pin? How about a free Disney Pin each month? Then you’ll want to read on!

We want to reward you for helping make this community great. Each month we’re giving the top contributor to our website a free pin.

We will ship the pin to you anywhere in the world.

Current Prize

We are offering a LE 2000 Minnie Rocks the Dots pin as our prize for February 2020.

Minnie Rocks the Dots LE 2000
Minnie Rocks the Dots LE 2000

What do I have to do?

All you have to do to be eligible is contribute by adding pins, creating events, writing articles or referring your friends.

At the end of each month, we will add up the contributions made by everyone and the person who created the most that month will get a free pin.

How do I know if I’ve won?

We will contact the winner by direct message to congratulate them and organise getting their address to send them their pin.

What types of pins can I win?

We will be giving away official pins bought by us specifically for this giveaway. Depending on what pins we can find these could be limited editions or limited releases.

In the future, we might partner with a fantasy creator to share their pins as a prize, but for now, it is official Disney pins only.

When does the competition start?

We officially launch on 1st September 2019. It is a rolling competition with a new winner each month. At the end of the month (midnight GMT), we will count up the contributions of anyone who has contributed that month. The person with the most contributions gets the pin.

Only contributions made within that month are eligible, once we go into a new calendar month the contribution count goes back to zero, and we start over.

Can I win more than once?

Yup! If you happen to be the most significant contributor each month, then you will receive a pin each month.

Can I pick which pin I get?

Depending on how many pins we have to give away we might be able to give you a selection to pick from, but we cannot guarantee this each month.

What counts as a contribution?

Right now we’re counting contributions for:

What does not count as a contribution?

Anything that isn’t adding new Pins/Events/Articles or referring your friends, for example, adding comments or marking pins as being in your ISO would not count towards your contribution. Duplicate pin entries also don't count.

When will I receive my pin?

We will contact the winner at the end of the calendar month, once we’ve got your address we will let you know when we post it out. Pins will be coming from the UK, so depending on where you live, it might take some time to arrive.

The small print

We (Pin Trader Club) have the final say in who contributed the most in a given month and retain the right to exclude anyone who is trying the game the competition in some way. We will always be frank and open about this.

Anyone contributing to the website needs to abide by our Code of Conduct.

Family members of the owners of Pin Trader Club are not eligible to win (but can still contribute to the site!).

Previous Prizes

To give you some idea of what you might win, here are some of the previous pins we've given away:

January 2020

We gave away a Millenium Falcon open edition pin and a mystery bag as the prize for January 2020.

Millenium Falcon and mystery pin bag
Millenium Falcon and mystery pin bag

December 2019

We gave away two prizes in December, a limited edition pin and Funko.

Minnie and Mickey sledging and Elsa Funko
December's Prize! A limited edition (3,700) Minnie and Mickey Christmas pin, and an exclusive Elsa Funko, in her purple gown holding a crystal.

November 2019

We gave away two pins in November, both were chosen by our Instagram followers.

Maleficent with her staff and Minnie and Mickey carolling
Maleficent with her staff and Minnie and Mickey Mouse carolling

October 2019

The first winner of our monthly competition won this adorable Lilo and Stitch halloween pin!

Lilo dressed as a witch, Stitch dressed as a devil
Lilo dressed as a witch, Stitch dressed as a devil!

September 2019

The first winner of our monthly competition won this adorable Pooh and Piglet halloween pin!

Winnie the Pooh and Piglet, Pooh is dressed as a pumpkin and Piglet as a bumble bee
Pooh and Piglet dressed for Halloween!
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