Trading pins at Disneyland Paris

So, my first time of trading pins at DLP was in October this year & there was mixed reviews about this.

We all know that pin trading is very popular in the parks - unfortunately it is really difficult to find cast members with lanyards to trade pins with. Obviously for health & safety reasons, cast members working directly with the rides (operators, batchers, etc) don't have lanyards on. And for hygiene, cast members working with food don't have them either. This gives you a very small window to find cast members with them on.

You can also find cast members with pin boards which is really exciting when you see them - there's roughly about 10 pins on a board & you can swap all your pins & the cast members love to chat. The ones where I have found them so far are between Adventureland & Fantasyland & then another between Main Street & Frontierland.

When I eventually found some cast members that had lanyards to trade, I went a little crazy!
Traders of the trip
Traders of the trip

Day 1 - A Grey Puffle (I used to love club penguin, I know it's out of fashion these days but it was a bit of nostalgia for me). "I only need one more" because it is SO true! And a Merlin one because I think that Sword in the Stone is a really underrated Disney film - Archimedes is such a grumpy character that you can't help but like him!

Day 2 - Another Puffle. An amazing Anna pin - after watching Frozen II recently, I definitely relate with her more (no spoilers!). Duffy with a Jafar hat on. Silhouette Tigger. 

Day 3 - Yellow & Blue Puffle. Tsum Tsum Princess Leia. Jack Skellington. Silhouette Sally. "H" Hop Low from Fantasia. Tsum Tsum Marie. 

Trading with cast members was pretty easy - I think they are used to the fact that people are constantly looking at their lanyard although some cast members can be quite strict with what pins are traded. All of my pins that I had to trade were from a long time ago so there wasn't waffling on the back of them like most of them have these days - still had the official pin trading logo with the year stamped on the back. So some of them were a bit picky with what was being traded. 

Overall, it was a good, positive experience & it's giving people the confidence to trade with others in the park too.

Thank you for reading.
Have a Disney kinda day ✌️

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