Pin trading day London writeup

Yesterday I had a fun day out at the London pin trading day. I got to meet lots of pin traders, and walked away with some amazing pins.

This was my first time at a pin trading event so I wanted to share my thoughts.

The location

This even happened in East London, in Poplar. It was easy to get to from where I live (West London) and Google Maps had no problems finding the place. Although we did almost walk past it until I looked in and seen all the pin boards through the door!

More than just pin trading

Of course there was a lot of people pin trading at the event, but there was also a raffle, pin bingo, and food and drink. Buying a ticket to the event got you one free raffle ticket and you could buy more.

We left before the raffle took place, so hopefully we didn't win anything!

Some stalls had different things for sale other than pins. I saw some people selling lanyards, pin folders, and Belle from DisneyPinTraderUK was doing a lucky dip.

The spoils from the lucky dip!
The spoils from the lucky dip!

Everyone was friendly

As you would expect from a load of Disney fans, everyone was really friendly, folk were very talkative and all interested in Disney!

The Disney pin trading event in full swing
The Disney pin trading event in full swing

People have huge collections!

This won't come as a shock to long time collectors, but for me seeing the sheer amount of pins that some people had for sale or trade was staggering. Like several books worth of tightly packed pins.

Here is just now of the pinboards, there were _so_ many pins!
Here is just now of the pinboards, there were _so_ many pins!

Fantasy Pins are first class citizens

Depending on the online community you spend time in fantasy pins are either shunned or accepted, at this event they were definitely accepted and there were a lot of them.

What was good was they were clearly marked as such on all the tables so people who don't know the difference wouldn't end up buying something they thought was official. By the way, this article will help tell the difference between fantasy pins and official pins.

People didn't seem to know about it

This was something that really shocked me. I had posted a few things on Instagram about the event on the day and people were DMing me asking when it was on and saying they were sad they missed it.

This seems to be a recurring theme for pin events where unless you follow the right people who post about it you will miss out. This is something we're trying to help with our pin trading events page.

Having said all that, there was a lot of people there! The room wasn't too packed to move, but it certainly never felt empty.

I loved seeing people in Disney outfits

It almost felt like you were in one of the parks at times, people had on Disney ears, Disney dresses, everything! It is certainly one of the magical things about Disney and really made me happy!

The way people worked out pricing was... interesting!

I learned a lot about how different people price their pins. 

Some people sold at face value, so whatever amount was on the price tag of the pin got converted into UK money and that was the price.

Some people searched on eBay to see what the general price people were buying pins for and used that as the price.

Some people picked a price based on the rareness of the pin.

I get the feeling that the exact same pin could go for vastly different prices depending on who you went to. It would definitely pay to "shop around" if you're hoping to get the most pin for your money.

Would I go back next year?

I would 100% go back next year, with hopefully a bigger collection to trade with!

Thanks so much to the team over at for putting the event on!

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