New Feature - Fake Reporter!

Unfortunately fake / scrapper pins exist. These are pins that people have made to try and look like official Disney pins which they can then sell to unsuspecting people. We have an entire article on spotting fake Disney pins.

We've just launched a feature that will help the community know what potential fakes are out there for any given pin.

Now on any pin in our database, you can report if you know there are fake versions of it.

Reporting a fake just needs some description of what is fake about the pin (perhaps the colours are different, or the back of the pin is off, for example), and optionally if you have some photographs of the fake, even better!

Here is an example of a fake pin.

You can learn all about reporting a fake pin in our helpful guide

We hope you find this as useful as we know we will! Hopefully together we can help educate more people on fake pins and help to squash this shady practice!

Écrit par tosbourn - Thursday 29 April 2021

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