How much are Disney pins?

A frequent question we see asked and searched for is "how much are Disney pins?", well like most things in life, the answer is, it depends! But in this post, we're going to cover some of the more common ways you can value and buy a pin.

How much are Disney pins in the parks

For the majority of people, the first time you buy a pin will be in the parks.

Something that you'll notice is there is rarely a specific price added on each pin. Instead, you'll see a colour code and nearby a price list for that colour.

People speculate why they do this. I imagine it is so they can change prices without having to re-stamp everything in all the shops.

Generally speaking, you're going to be paying between $15 and $25 for a single pin in Walt Disney World.

As you can imagine, picking up multiple pins will get costly quick! If you're looking to buy complete sets, Disney also sells booster sets which will have 3 or 4 pins for a lower price than if you purchased four individual pins.

How much are Disney pins worth

If not buying pins new from the park, you start looking at places like eBay, stores that sell second-hand pins, or people selling pins on sites like Instagram. Everyone will have their way of pricing.

The three most common ways we've seen for pricing are:

  • People charging the "rack-rate", this is just the price that Disney was originally selling it for
  • People looking up eBay to see how much the same pin has recently sold for
  • People judging cost based on how limited a pin is. If the pin is a limited edition with only 500 made, they will sell it for more than one that had 5000 made.

Ultimately a pin is only worth what you're willing to pay for it, don't let people guilt you into paying more than you're comfortable.

Tracking Disney pin value over time

One of the features we've had on the site is the ability for admins to track the cost of a pin over time. We do this by finding sources of people selling a pin and logging the date they were selling it and the price they were selling it. With this, we can see if a particular pin is getting more or less valuable over time.

An example of our price tracking table
An example of our price tracking table

There are a couple of reasons we wanted to build this. One was pure curiosity. The second is we wanted to counter people who over-charge for pins. If we can cite several sources showing a pin for sale at $10, then there is no way to justify charging $50 for it!

How much are Fantasy pins

Fantasy pins are much harder to price because there is no official pricing guide for them; they are often created in small batches (50-100) and can be of varying quality.

The most common scale we've seen for quality is:

  • A – Perfect
  • B – A few imperfections, but hardly noticeable
  • C – Noticeable flaws

Usually, the seller will reduce the cost if buying B, or C quality pins.

The most reliable way to price a fantasy pin is to ask the creator.

How to get free Disney pins

With all this talk about spending money, I'm sure you're wondering if there are ways to get Disney pins without parting with cash.

There are three ways that we know of (that are legal!)

Don't steal!
Don't steal!

1. Trade with people – Either in the parks or at meet-ups or even entirely online. Trading with other pin fans is a great way to swap a pin you don't particularly love for the one you want. The most you will pay is postage.

2. Be a nice person – This sound odd, we know! But in the pin community we give out what are called zaps, these are free little gifts you send someone along with a trade. They aren't something anyone expects, but if you're a friendly member of the community, your chances of getting "zapped" are higher.

3. Contribute to this website! – Each month we give away a free pin to the person who has contributed the most amount of pins, pin events, or pin related articles. You can read more about this giveaway.

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