Pin trading events

Here we have a collection of pin trading events from around the world. 🌍

Some of these events will be in physical places, others will be completely online. There will be a mix of official Disney events and community led events.

Do you run a pin trading event or know of an event happening? We'd love to have your event on here. You don't have to be the owner of the event to submit the information.

Upcoming pin trading events

Have we missed a pin trading event or a pin sale? You can always add your event.

What are pin trading events?

Pin trading events are when pin collectors get together to swap pins with each other.

Depending on the rules of the specific event you might be able to trade fantasy pins or other non-official pins, but generally these are extensions of the types of pin trading you can do in the parks where you can't trade fantasy pins.

Are all pin trading events official?

The majority of the events we list won't be official Disney events. There are just too many pin traders that want to get together and trade for us to always do the Disney ones!

Disney do have official events, what they often call Merchandise Events.