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One of the many problems of not living close to a Disney park is that it is tough to get your hands on new pins releases. Park specific pin releases happen all the time, and unless you are in the park to pick them up, your only choice usually is to trade for them or buy them second hand, generally at an inflated price.

Luckily people like Pins.DLP exist, who will pick up from Disneyland Paris and ship the pin straight to you.

We've used their service a couple of times now and wanted to share a quick review.
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Pins.DLP are regular visitors to Disneyland Paris, and often accept pickup requests for new releases.

They charge a small fee on top of each item's price and shipping, which is super reasonable.

Being in Europe, they charge in Euros. When sending money with PayPal, it will work out the conversion for you.

Our pins have come well packaged and arrived quickly. Pins.DLP is responsive to messages, and their communication has always been excellent.

We're more than happy to recommend them for Disneyland Paris pin pickups. You can find them on Instagram

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