WDW - Cast Exculsive - WDW Company D 10th Anniversary

  • WDW - Cast Exculsive - WDW Company D 10th Anniversary Pin
  • WDW - Cast Exculsive - WDW Company D 10th Anniversary Pin

The Cast Member exclusive store, Company D first opened in the Team Disney Building at Walt Disney World on the 4th of June, 1991. This pin was sold to Cast in honor of the Tenth Anniversary of this location. There are two mid-century modern style starbursts (the bottom one is gray while the top one is light blue) that serve as the background. Mickey is seen jogging through the center of the 0 in a large red 10 that sets atop an elongated red hexagon (with a golden rod border). The "Walt Disney World Resort Company D" logo (with Company D in the golden rod yellow) is within this hexagonal banner. A golden rod half-circle is at the bottom with the word "Years."

The back of the pin has a sandblasted texture and a single post. There is one info box near the bottom that reads "Walt Disney World (R) - Cast Exclusive - - (C) Disney 2001 - Made in China."

Limited Release
31 January 2001
Walt Disney World
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Mickey Mouse

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31 January 2001 $6.50

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