The Rocketeer 1991 - 100 Years of Dreams (12/100)

  • The Rocketeer 1991 - 100 Years of Dreams (12/100) Pin
  • The Rocketeer 1991 - 100 Years of Dreams (12/100) Pin
  • The Rocketeer 1991 - 100 Years of Dreams (12/100) Pin
Part of the 100 Years of Dreams pin series this pin is number 12 of the 100. The pin is made of a copper/brass-like colored base metal. The pin is a basic circular shape featuring the Sci-Fi retro side profile of "The Rocketeer" (which is written arcing along the bottom with the year 1991 in the fin of the helmet). A small, full, side-body view of the Rocketeer zooms from left to right, having flown behind the carved helmet. Over all, this pin is designed to look like the the graphic style of classic comic books.

A unique bit of trivia of this specific pin is that many Disney Stores did not receive their scheduled shipments of this pin and even many of those that did, only received a part of the shipment that they were set to receive.

The back of this pin features a waffling effect of the Walt Disney signature and a single post that is pretty well centered. A box near the bottom includes the Pin info, the (c), and the made in info.
Limited Release
29 September 2001
Disney Store
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29 September 2001 $4.00 Original Preis

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