Jumbo 3D Paw Print - FairyTails Event

  • Jumbo 3D Paw Print - FairyTails Event Pin

This is a Disney FairyTails Pin Trading Event exclusive pin. This pin is a jumbo pin measuring 6 inches by 6 inches. The pin paw print shaped pin has a large amount of Disney animal character carved into the 3D design. The pin is all metal and does not contain any color. On the toes of the paw print contain Figaro, Elliot, Pluto and Sven. In the main pad of the paw print there is the following characters Cleo, Abu, Flit, Meeko, Percy, Jock, Trusty, Toby, Nana, Dodger, Sultan the Enchanted Footstool, Copper, and Bolt.

Because of the size of the pin there is four pin backs and an attached stand to let the pin stand up on its own.

Limited Edition 300
9 August 2019
Walt Disney World
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FairyTails Event

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09 August 2019 $125.00 Original Preis

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