Jack and Sally in Skull (Set) - Sally only

  • Jack and Sally in Skull (Set) - Sally only Pin
  • Jack and Sally in Skull (Set) - Sally only Pin
  • Jack and Sally in Skull (Set) - Sally only Pin

This is from a set of two separate pins that have a sculpted quality to provide a thick, almost 3D feel. The pin, when set flush against one another, depict a sketch-like stylization of Jack Skeleton’s skull. Within each of Jack’s black, void-like eye sockets (one located on each pin) is a full body portrait of a Sally that is designed in the same sketch style of the skull itself. Sally the rag-doll is on the left pin’s eye socket, with her hands clasped in front of her. The pin has two magnets embedded on the flat edge so that the two sides connect together easily.

Back of pin:

  • Sandblasted texture
  • Disney Store logo
  • Official pin trading logo 2020
  • Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas
  • ©Disney China Chine
  • FAC code
  • Two posts
Open Edition
11 May 2020
shopDisney - Disney Store
FAC / SKU-Code
FAC-046730-20070 / 465059463655
Original Preis
$14.99 (2 pin set)

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11 May 2020 $14.99 Original Preis

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