Disney Parks - Star Wars - Yoda: Judge Me By My Size

  • Disney Parks - Star Wars - Yoda: Judge Me By My Size Pin
  • Disney Parks - Star Wars - Yoda: Judge Me By My Size Pin

This pin represents a moment in time during Yoda’s visit to the Disney Parks. It is a die-cut, pin-on-pin showing Yoda standing in front of a height requirement check point. The check point sign that reads “Warning! You Must Be This Tall To Ride This Ride” above a pole with a 40” check marker. Yoda himself is the pin-on-pin gimmick. Yoda stands at 66 cm which equals just under 26 inches so he is standing before this check point, looking up at the pole and sign. Although he cannot join in the fun of the ride, it appears as though he is still enjoying his time at the parks as he is wearing a set of Mickey Ears (embroidered with the customization of his name) on his head and is holding a Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Bar in his right hand. Across the back of his robes is the quote “Judge Me By My Size Do You?”

The back of this pin has a lightly sandblasted texture with a single post. The FAC is imprinted in black along the top of the pin. The Official 2008 Pin Trading Logo is near the bottom of the pin and to the left of the (C) Disney - China. The (C) Lucasfilms Ltd & TM is at the very bottom.

Open Edition
18 April 2008
Disneyland (then multiple)
FAC / SKU-Code
400013924636 (DL)/ 400109063041 (WDW)
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18 April 2008 $8.94 Original Preis

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