Disney One Family The Aristocats Say Cheese!

  • Disney One Family The Aristocats Say Cheese! Pin

A long pin with three pictures of the Aristokittens Marie, Berlioz and Toulouse. The images are in monochrome/sepia tones. The top image has the kittens all smiling and behaving. The second shows Marie puffing her cheeks, Berlioz with his tongue out and Toulouse looking huffy. The third image shows Berlioz and Toulouse play fighting and Marie looking indignant. The outside of the images has a pearlescent effect and a black border.

From Shop Disney website:

  • Limited to 1500 worldwide
  • Classic Marie, Toulouse and Berlioz artwork
  • Monochrome design
  • Enamelled cloisonné
  • Mickey icon pin back
  • Artist: Adrianne Draude
  • Exclusive to Disney
  • Part of the Disney One Family 2022 Pin Celebration
  • H8 x W4cm approx.
  • Made from zinc alloy
Limited Edition 1500
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