Aristocats - Disney Vintage posters

  • Aristocats - Disney Vintage posters Pin
  • Aristocats - Disney Vintage posters Pin

This large pin shows a vintage movie poster from The Aristocats. The pin features the pink piano from the Scat Cat hangout. Shun Gon is playing the piano, Scat Cat is playing his trumpet, Billy Boss the accordian and Hit Cat is playing the double bass. Marie, Berlioz and Toulouse are seen on top of the piano. The top of the pin has WALT DISNEY PRODUCTIONS THE ARISTOCATS. Duchess and Thomas O'Malley are around the logo. It has two tag lines "A PURR-FECTLY WONDERFUL NEW CARTOON FEATURE" and "Meet the cats who know where it's at... for fun, music and adventure!". Along the bottom are several of the characters in coloured squares including Madame, Edgar, Roquefort, Napoleon and Lafayette.

Back of pin:

  • Silvertone finish
  • Sandblasted texture
  • Two posts
  • Official Disney pin trading logo
  • Shop Disney logo
  • ©Disney China Chine
  • FAC code

Sold along with Bambi pin and two postcards.

Open Edition
29 March 2021
Shop Disney
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£14 for 2

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29 March 2021 £14.00

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