Want to blog about pin trading?

When we started this site to share what we were learning about pin trading we shared articles like pin trading terms that people loved.

Now we've taken the next step in building the community and have opened up a way for other people to sign up and write their own blogs.

It is still very early stages if you've ever thought you might like to write about your experiences we'd love your feedback.

You can sign up here and once you've confirmed your email address can dive straight into writing your first post.

All posts would 100% belong to you and you can edit them and share them however you like.

Questions we've asked ourselves


We found a lot of pin traders are active in communities that don't facilitate blogging very well. For example, Instagram or subreddits that wouldn't want to get bogged down with discussion.

What is next?

We have some big ideas for the site, but we want it to be guided by the community, so we will be listening to feedback from anyone that tries it.

Is it free to write posts?

Yes! I don't see a reason why we'd ever charge people to write posts on there.

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