Tip for Starting off any Pin Trading Day.

A few trips ago, I was on a mission to find a specific pin for my daughter (her name is Eponine and Eeyore is her favorite character so the “Eeyore E” became our mini grail). I was asking every CM I saw. One CM (on Main Street in WDW’s Magic Kingdom) was doing a blind trade game. I watched the guests in front of me to see if they happened to hand over the E for the trade. They did not, but as I turned to leave, the CM stopped me and asked if I wanted to play. I told her if my mission and after double checking to make sure it wasn’t one in her blind box, she informed me of all the times and locations of the Trading Times throughout the day. Basically, the shops more devoted to pins have larger pin displays that they pull out at certain times during the day and allow guests to line up to trade with these larger displays. 

I was able to catch the one in Frontierland. They lined everyone up and let in 1-2 groups to look at this display, make their 1-2 trades and move on. Of course, getting there earlier means getting a better selection to receive in the trade, but this isn’t actually the fun part. The fun part is standing in line with all these other pin traders and seeing what others collect and possibly even making trades right there in line!

Now, I haven’t tried actually tracking down a CM to ask if they know when or where these events are going to take place, but it is definitely something I plan on trying again in the future. I may just have run into the right CM at the right time that day on Main Street. So if I were to try to ask a CM, I would suggest trying one of the pin shops themselves first. 

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  1. I love all the trading that happens whilst people are waiting for trades! It is always so fun even just watching other traders get exciting looking at lanyards or books.

    That is such a great tip to ask about when events like these are happening, thanks so much for sharing!

    tosbourn tosbourn - 08 Jul 2020 2:32 PM