Disney Lanyards

Today we're going to be talking Disney lanyards! We're going to tell you all about them, answer some frequently asked questions about lanyards and share some of our favourites.

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What Are Lanyards?

A lanyard is a cord generally worn around the neck which is used to carry things like identification cards or key cards.

Lanyards can be made of any material (within reason), but for the sake of this article, we're mainly talking about polyester lanyards.

Lanyards don't sound like a particularly Disney thing. Everyone knows that in Walt Disney World we use MagicBands for everything, and in the other parks paper tickets are the order of the day, which are much easier to store in a purse or wallet than on a lanyard. So why are we talking about them on a pin trading website?

Why Do People Use Lanyards For Pin Trading

When most people use lanyards, they're using them for holding something at the end of the lanyard, but not us Disney pin collectors! When we use lanyards, we're filling up the cord with pins!

Having something you can carry comfortably on your neck and easily take on and off to remove pins easily is incredibly useful.

When many people go to the parks or pin trading events, they don't want to bring their entire collection. They only carry a handful of pins they want to trade. For this lanyards are perfect.

If you have slightly more pins than would fit onto a lanyard, but still want an easy way to carry them about, I can recommend the PinFolio Show.

The other time a lanyard is excellent, even if you have more pins with you, is for showing off some of the stars of your collection. Lanyards are a great way to display pins on the go without fear that you will leave them down and accidentally walk away.

How Much Are Disney Lanyards?

Much like working out the price of a Disney pin, the answer isn't completely cut and dry! For official lanyards, you will pay roughly between $12 and $25 (~£10 and £20).

Unofficial lanyards, either made by small-scale Disney fans or licensed third parties, can be bought for as little as $3 (~£2.50)

Where Can I Buy Lanyards in Walt Disney World?

The majority of the merchandise locations within Walt Disney World are going to sell lanyards. You can often find them on racks near where pins are sold. You can check the MyDisneyExperience app to find a location close to you.

Where Can I Buy Disney Lanyards Online

If you're looking to buy new, official lanyards the only place we're aware of is the official Disney stores. Here is the US one.

eBay and other second-hand websites always have a good selection of "as new" lanyards. Although as with anything pin related, take care to avoid fakes on eBay.

If you're in the market for unofficial lanyards, Etsy seems like an excellent place.

Lanyard Pin Sets

Since so many people purchase Disney lanyards for the sole purpose of putting pins on them, Disney has started selling starter sets that contain both a lanyard and some pins to start you off.

Often called "Pin Trading Starter Sets" these are often themed and start around $30 (£23)

Star Wars Pin Trading Starter Set
Star Wars Pin Trading Starter Set

Lanyard Accessories

Of course, it isn't just pins that people are adding to lanyards, Disney sells a few other things you can add:

  • Lanyard Pouch – a small plastic pouch which can be used for holding ID cards or similar.
  • Lanyard Medal – a keyring that can dangle in place of a pouch, useful to give weight to the lanyard.
  • Lanyard Charm – a small version of a lanyard medal, can be used in conjunction with a lanyard pouch, to add a little flair.

Some Of Our Favourite Disney Lanyards

Cat and Dog Reversible Lanyard
Cat and Dog Reversible Lanyard
An unofficial Minnie Lanyard (from Etsy)
An unofficial Minnie Lanyard (from Etsy)

A haunted mansion lanyard
A haunted mansion lanyard

What are your favourites?

At the top of the article, I asked if you could send us your favourite Disney lanyards on social media, go ahead and tweet us or tag us on Instagram! Or of course, you can comment below!

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  1. Use my Christmas one at work to hold my ID badge. Only problem is finding official Wall-e ones

    andi andi - 04 Jan 2020 9:30 AM
    1. I will keep my eyes peeled for any next week!

      tosbourn tosbourn - 04 Jan 2020 11:54 AM
      1. Happily transfer the funds to you if you do find. When I was there in the summer there wasn't any. But did get the Wall-e and Eve mickey ear hats, the keychains and all the pin badges they had of them at the time.

        andi andi - 04 Jan 2020 1:27 PM
        1. Unfortunately didn't spot any!

          tosbourn tosbourn - 20 Jan 2020 8:17 PM