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Pin terms and what they mean

A brief explanation about some of the terms folk use to describe elements of pins

Disneyland Resort 2019 pin releases

Here are all the pin releases exclusive to Disneyland Resort California in December 2019

Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort shared pin releases December 2019

Here are the Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort shared pin releases for December 2019

Epcot International Festival of the Holidays 2019 pin releases

The special pins being released to celebrate Epcot's International Festival of the Holidays 2019

Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party 2019 pin releases

The pins are here for Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party and they are cute!

Disney Studio Store Hollywood December 2019 releases

Christmas family portraits and an online Star Wars release!

Disneyland Paris November 2019 pin releases

The November 2019 DLP pin releases have dropped a few days earlier than usual!

Gingerbread pin releases 2019

A selection of pins available at Disney resorts to celebrate the holidays.

Resort Holiday Bell collection pins 2019

A range of pins available for Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World resort hotels to celebrate the 2019 festive Christmas holidays.

Disney California Adventure Festival of the Holidays pin releases 2019

The festive pin releases at Disney California Adventure for Festival of the Holidays 2019.

Disneyland Resort November 2019 pin releases

Some of the pins that are being released in Disneyland Resort in November 2019.

Disneyland Gifting pin releases 2019

Here are some special limited edition pin releases happening for the holidays at Disneyland Resort.

Double FAC code

I spotted a pin with two of the same FAC code printed on the back of it

Spotting Fake Disney Pins

Learn how to spot fake Disney pins with 20 tips we've learned from the pin trading community. This is the ultimate guide to spotting fakes and scrappers.

Waffling in Disney Pins

Waffling is the repeated design on the back of many official Disney pins, this article explains a little more about it.

Hong Kong Disneyland December 2019 pin releases

An overview of the limited edition pins being released in Hong Kong Disneyland in December 2019.

Hong Kong Disneyland November 2019 pin releases

An overview of limited edition pins available at HKDL in November 2019.

Hong Kong Disneyland October 2019 pin releases

An overview of the pins available at Hong Kong Disneyland in October 2019.

Disney Studio Store Hollywood November 2019 pin releases

A quick round up of the pin releases from DSSH featuring Disney mice and Frozen II.

Disneyland Paris October 2019 pin releases

As usual Disneyland Paris is giving us a packed month of pin goodies!

Little Mermaid pin trading night

November 7th 2019 will be the next pin trading night. The pin trading event theme will be “The Little Mermaid” in honor of the movies 30th anniversary.