Why Pin Trader Club?

There are other pin trading databases available online so why should you use Pin Trader Club?

Read on to see how we can help you as a:
  • Established pin trader
  • Beginner pin trader
  • Pin trading event organiser
  • Fantasy pin creator

Pin Trader Club for pin traders

We have worked hard to ensure it's as easy as possible to add and search for pins on our system. Pins are able to be referenced to characters, movies etc. and can be added to collections. You can see who has marked pins as up for trade and send a direct message to the user so you can organise trades.

Pin Trader Club for beginners

We have worked hard to ensure it's as easy as possible to add and search for pins on our system. We have articles that introduce concepts of pin trading that might be unfamiliar to newer pin traders like how to spot fake pins and a guide to pin trading terms.

Pin Trader Club for event organisers

We have the largest list of pin events online (that we know of!). We really care about Pin Trader Club being found easily on the web, so if you add your event there is a high chance that it will appear on the top of Google if you search for pin events in your area. This means more visibility, more attendees and more chance for trading! We don't want events to remain hidden in Facebook groups anymore.

Pin Trader Club for fantasy pin creators

As a fantasy pin creator on Pin Trader Club we can add you as a creator to a pin. This means that in your user profile you will have a list of your creations. You will also be attributed to the pin you have created, see example.

Full list of features of Pin Trader Club

  • Pin database with rich linking (characters, attractions, movies -we have thousands of entries in our database for these)
    • When adding a pin it is really easy to link characters, movies etc.
  • Events (currently the biggest list online that we know of!)
    • Ability to add events to your calendar on your phone/computer
    • You can add your own events
  • Articles (many evergreen in-depth articles i.e.
  • Ability to add collection/series to a pin
    • You can then view this pin collection
  • Commenting on pins, articles, events
    • You can give your opinion on most things on our site
  • Easy to add ISOs, traders, owned pins
  • User profile with contributions listed and links to ISOs etc.
  • Private messaging functionality so you can chat with other members and organise trades
  • Ability to leave recommendations for folk you have traded with
  • Rich search which deals with simple typos and has links to our movies etc. lists
  • Similar pin creation
    • When uploading a series of pins you can select to create a similar pin meaning you don't have to worry about typing out the same SKU/FAC code or selecting the collection name multiple times
  • Ability to add fantasy pins (which are clearly marked!)
    • We have the ability to add fantasy pin creators to our system so your creations can be attributed to your account

Written by elaine - Thursday 11 February 2021

This article was last updated on Thursday 04 March 2021.

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