Why are Disney pins so expensive?

Disney pins have become increasingly popular over the years, and with their popularity comes a hefty price tag. Many collectors and enthusiasts wonder why Disney pins are so expensive; several factors contribute to their high cost.

In this article, we will be talking about new pins. The reasons why second-hand pins can be so expensive deserve an article all to themselves!

Because some Disney pins are expensive, there is a large market for fake pins (also called scrappers). We have an article about spotting fake Disney pins if you're interested. 

Limited edition releases

Limited edition Disney pins are one of the primary reasons why they can be expensive. Disney creates special pins to commemorate events, holidays, milestones, and anniversaries (and often just because!). 

These limited edition pins are typically produced in small quantities and can be highly sought after by collectors. With fewer pins available, their demand increases, leading to higher prices.

Intricate designs

Some, definitely not all, Disney pins have fairly detailed and intricate designs, which can be expensive to produce. Pins often feature multiple colours, layers, and materials, such as enamel, glitter, and gemstones. These materials can be expensive, and the production process can be time-consuming, contributing to the high price of Disney pins.

Brand recognition (Disney is Disney!)

People love Disney because it provides a sense of nostalgia and escapism and offers timeless storytelling and beloved characters that have captured the hearts of generations. Disney movies, theme parks, and merchandise have created a magical world that allows people to experience wonder, joy, and fantasy. Additionally, Disney promotes positive messages of love, friendship, and perseverance, making it an important part of many people's lives.

All of this comes with a price tag! This recognition contributes to the high demand and cost of Disney pins. Disney has built a loyal following of fans and collectors who value its merchandise and are willing to pay a premium to own it.

Licensing fees

Disney must pay licensing fees to use certain characters, designs, and themes on their pins. Think Nightmare before Christmas. These fees are presumably expensive, unfortunately, I can't find any solid numbers on this, but I think it is safe to assume this is costly and of course the cost will end up going onto the price tag.


Finally, demand. Just like how Disney increase the price of food and park admission almost every year (don't get me started on pricing holidays 😅), they know there is a demand for their stuff and, of course, as demand goes up it is natural for Disney to increase prices to see how much they can get per pin!

Written by tosbourn - Wednesday 12 April 2023

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