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If you're like us and don't live close to a Disney park, you will feel jealous of all the people who get to enjoy the park exclusive pin releases.

Even if you live next to a park, so many pins are exclusive to one park that you're bound to miss out on what the other parks are selling!

Without being able to visit all the parks at all times (we wish!) you either have to trade or buy new releases, typically at inflated prices.

Luckily there exists very kind folk who will spend their day doing pickups! This means that you ask them to grab you something from the parks, and they will and send it to you.

Each person will have different prices and ways of working. Some people will only ever charge rack-rate, that is, the price quoted on the item's label. Other's will charge a fee per item or per pickup. All will charge delivery.

In this article, we wanted to share who we currently use. There are hundreds of excellent people out there who will do pickups, but these are people we can personally vouch for because we've used them before (and will use them again!).

We won't comment on the specifics of their pricing structure because that may change over time.

Walt Disney World Park Pickups

When you can't make it to Florida, for Walt Disney World pin pickups we will always recommend ZippityDooShaw, their communication is excellent and they are incredibly fast and shipping items.

We've written a larger review of their pickup service if you wanted to read it. ZippityDooShaw Pin Traders.

Disneyland Paris Park Pickups

If getting to France is an issue for you, but you need some pins from Disneyland Paris, we are happy to recommend pins.dlp, they've picked up some great DLP-exclusive pins for us, including pins that sold out on the first day.

We've written up a review of their service here. Pins.DLP pickups.

Hong Kong Disneyland Park Pickups

If getting to Hong Kong isn't likely to happen in time for the next big pin release, we're always happy to recommend BelloShopHK. We were incredibly happy with their service for doing some pickups for us from all of the parks in Asia.

Shanghai Disney Resort Park Pickups

Much like Hong Kong, we would recommend you use BelloShopHK for Shanghai Disney pickups, I believe they have a team of people near each park, and they ship one package. This can take a little longer (because they have to collate all the items), but it means you pay one price for access to pickups from all three parks.

Tokyo Disney Resort Park Pickups

Again, it has to be BelloShopHK! We have written a full review of their service. Belloshop HK Review. Don't be put off by the "HK" part of their name, they cover all the Asian parks.

Do you use pickup services?

Hopefully, this was a helpful list. As we said at the start of this article, there are hundreds of people offering this service. Our list isn't to say you shouldn't use anyone else, just that we can personally vouch for people on this list.

If you have had a positive experience with one of these folks, or someone else, please let us know in the comments. 💜

Written by tosbourn - Thursday 04 February 2021

This article was last updated on Monday 06 September 2021.

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