What are Mystery Pins?

You might have heard people looking for or selling mystery pins and wondered what that means, this article will help.

Mystery pins are small collections where you don't know which pin you're going to get at the point you buy the pin. These are also known as blind bags because you can't see what is in them.

If you'd prefer to watch a video explaining mystery pins, we have one!Mystery pins are sold in both foil bags, normally in the Disney parks, and in boxes, both inside the parks and in Disney shops around the world.

To add to the intrigue, some mystery pin sets won't even reveal what all of the pins are within the set, you either need to get lucky and get all the pins by purchasing them, or know someone who has got some of the unmarked pins.
An example of a mystery pin box, showing two blank spaces were other pins designs will be
An example of a mystery pin box, showing two blank spaces were other pins designs will be
One of my favourite mystery pin sets is the "Delicious Drinks Mystery Pin Set".

When buying mystery pins you can expect prices to vary, they are generally lower value pins but in some boxes, you can get more than one pin. It will always state clearly what series or collection the mystery pin belongs to and how many you are going to get per box.

Mystery pins can be traded in the parks and often make very good traders due to being a bit cheaper than other pins you can buy.

Some people love to unbox mystery pins on camera, and even more, people love watching them do it.

Here is one of our unboxing videos for the Disney Animators Collection.

Do you like collecting mystery pin sets? Let us know in the comments.

Written by tosbourn - Wednesday 16 June 2021

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