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We've replaced the ads on pin trader club

Running a website costs money. When starting out having ads is one of the quick ways of making a small amount of money to go towards the various costs.

We really care about not making the web pages you look at slow though. Slow websites are annoying and eat through your data plan if using a mobile phone. No one wants that!

That is why this morning we decided to replace all of our ads with ones that are a lot faster, we will probably make less money from them, but it will be a better experience for everyone on the site!

I won't go into the details of what we've changed, because I worry this post is already nerdy enough! But I wanted to quickly write about it in case you noticed the change and were confused!

Do you have a Disney website you would like more people to see?

If you run a Disney-related "thing" and would like to advertise on our site, let us know! We'd love to work together on something.

This article was written by tosbourn on Wednesday 05 February 2020.

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