Vegan options in La Grange at Billy Bob’s DLP

When we visited Disneyland Paris recently (October 2021) we wanted to try as many different restaurants as possible and thought we’d try La Grange. This restaurant is Old West themed and is normally a buffet but when we went it was table service. The buffet has now resumed. Even though it was table service we could have as many helpings of the different courses that we wanted.

The food was Old West themed to so ribs etc. for omnivores and chilli for vegans but I’ll go through each course in detail. Honestly though the food was incredibly bland and I wouldn’t go back to La Grange unless someone in my party _really_ wanted to go. 

As with any meal I have out I always explicitly state that I’m vegan just in case something has been changed about the menu.


The meal began with a very simple starter of a mixed salad which came with a prepackaged dairy free vinaigrette. It was a mix of cooked beetroot, tomato, lettuce, grated carrot and cucumber. This is a personal preference but I really don’t like beetroot and tomato so I couldn’t eat most of this salad. This felt more like a side salad that you would have with the main part of your meal.
Vegan starter at La Grange - mixed salad
Vegan starter at La Grange - mixed salad

Main Course

Next up was the main course / entrée which was a bowl of chilli and rice. The rice was quite oily and almost felt like precooked packet rice. The chilli was made from what I believe was soy mince. The sauce was a plain tomato sauce with a few kidney beans. It was under seasoned and very bland. This course was perfectly edible and I cleared my plate but a dish that I do make better at home.
Main course at La Grange - Vegan chilli
Main course at La Grange - Vegan chilli


To finish we had the dreaded fruit soup. Fruit seems to be the default dessert for vegans in DLP so I wasn’t surprised when this dessert appeared. It was finely chopped apple, mango and pineapple (I think!) in a fruit syrup. I can’t really say too much about this course because fruit is fruit. It was fresh but incredibly boring.
Dessert at La Grange - fruit soup
Dessert at La Grange - fruit soup


Drinks wise I had bottled water and my husband had a coke zero which was included in the flat price for the meal, these drinks are not bottomless like at American parks. We also had a glass of Kronenbourg 1664 which at the time of writing was produced to a vegan recipe in France. 

I wouldn’t recommend La Grange if you follow a vegan diet but if you are with folk who like to eat incredibly plain food this might be a good option for you. There are better restaurants which offer vegan meals at Disneyland Paris For me personally it was a one and done. 

Written by elaine - Wednesday 17 November 2021

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