Vegan options at the Skyline Bar Disneyland Paris

When we were visiting Disneyland Paris recently (October 2021), we were very lucky to be staying in the new Marvel hotel, Disney’s Hotel New York: Art of Marvel. When returning from the Parks one evening we decided to stop for a drink and a snack in the Skyline Bar as we hadn’t had dinner. 

There was a small menu of lounge food and there was nothing marked as vegan. When looking at the menu it seemed like the “petits légumes et houmous” or crudités and hummus would be vegan. We asked the bartender and she didn’t know whether it was vegan or not but very kindly got out the nutritional information booklet and between us all (us with secondary school French!) managed to figure out that it was likely safe for us to eat. We ordered a portion each and it was very smart looking when it arrived. The vegetables were celery, radishes, baby carrots, cauliflower and tomato. The vegetables hadn’t been prepared as well as I would’ve liked and any that had been cut were dried out. Onto the hummus(?), this was really weird. It was more like a paste and had a really weird smell, not bad just weird. It wasn’t very pleasant to eat and was quite difficult to scoop up with the vegetables as it was so thick. I wouldn’t order this again and wouldn’t recommend.  
Vegetables and hummus snack
Vegetables and hummus snack
To drink I ordered a negroni and Toby, my husband has some horrible sweet fruity concoction. I like my cocktails short, strong and sour and he like them tall, sweet and fruity. The Skyline Bar has an excellent cocktail menu and I was really impressed with the quality of the drinks on offer. They had a small selection of themed Marvel cocktails which we had one of each on a different visit and found them fine but forgettable, basically fruit juice and a shot of alcohol, the type of cocktail that I generally refer to as stuff in a glass, tasty but forgettable. A little harsh of me because they definitely consisted of other ingredients but they tasted like fruit but as I said I don't normally go for fruity cocktails so you might love it!
The bar was themed to be a part of Tony Stark’s apartment and was very nice. Behind the bar where screen which were designed to look like windows looking out over New York city with Stark Tower visible. At different times Spider-Man and Iron Man will pass by and the Quinjet also flies by and lands at Stark Tower. A very fun and adult bar for a drink but I wouldn’t recommend the snack!

Written by elaine - Monday 22 November 2021

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