Vegan options at Downtown Restaurant Disneyland Paris

When we visited Disneyland Paris recently (October 2021) we were staying at Disney’s Hotel New York: Art of Marvel and we really wanted to try out the dining options available at the hotel. The restaurant is located on the ground floor of the Hotel New York and is well signposted so very easy to find. 

This restaurant is normally a buffet service restaurant, when we visited it was table service but has since reverted to buffet. It’s a flat fee for as much as you care to enjoy and a soft drink is included in the price. 

When I am dining in restaurants I always let the serving staff know that I am vegan to avoid any mix ups with meals and this was noted by our server.

Overall this restaurant is a good choice for vegans as there are several different vegan as is options available where all other restaurants in DLP had a single option or a modified vegetarian option available for vegans. 


For starter there was a choice of: 

  • Minestone soup
  • Noodle soup with black mushroom

The minestone soup was pleasant and tasted fresh. The noodle soup had a watery sour broth with a very small amount of noodle, mushroom and tofu. I liked this dish but some folk may find the sourness of the broth off-putting. 

Main course

For mains there was a choice of: 

  • Vegan burger
  • Cheese pizza

The vegan burger came with roasted potatoes and a roast tomato. The burger was a seeded roll filled with “chicken” soy pieces with a slice of cheese and a creamy sauce. The burger was pleasant but I was expecting a “beef” or bean patty and not pieces of protein, this may be disappointing if you were really in the mood for a burger. The pieces of roast potato could’ve done with a little more cooking too. 

The slice of pizza had a really good base which tasted like freshly made dough. The thing which really let this dish down was the amount of tomato pizza sauce, there was so much! It was really quite messy to eat and kind of spoiled how good the base was. I’m not sure what vegan cheese they use but it was pretty nice and had melted a little. 
Cheese pizza
Cheese pizza


There was only one choice for dessert and it was a fruit salad. The fruit salad consisted of slices of melon, kiwi, pineapple and dragonfruit. If you’ve eaten as a vegan at DLP you will know nearly every single restaurant will disappointingly offer a fruit salad for dessert. This was the worst fruit salad I had on holiday. The fruit had obviously been sitting out so it had dried out and was very cold so was quite sore on my teeth. A little bit of raspberry coulis would’ve helped this “dessert” out massively and made it much more palatable.
Fruit salad dessert
Fruit salad dessert


This restaurant isn’t heavily themed. It has a slightly more upscale New York diner vibe about it with plenty of Marvel art on the walls.

One thing to note is that despite there being social distancing regulations in place at the time of our visit the restaurant was very cramped. We were sat very close to the two tables on either side of us which I found somewhat uncomfortable. 

Overall despite the terrible dessert I would recommend the Downtown restaurant to vegan folk. It is rare to actually get a choice of dishes in a Disney restaurant when you’re vegan and there is plenty of choice if you are dining with folk who are omnivores. The food wasn’t mind-blowing but considering you could eat as much as you liked it was good value for money.

Written by elaine - Monday 22 November 2021

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