Vegan Options at Agrabah Cafe Disneyland Paris

When visiting Disneyland Paris recently (October 2021) we decided to visit Agrabah Cafe. This restaurant has been on my list of want to dos for quite some time. This restaurant is located in Adventureland in Disneyland Park. The cuisine is Moroccan/Middle Eastern. It is normally a buffet restaurant but when we visited it was table service, buffet service has now resumed.
Agrabah Cafe place setting
Agrabah Cafe place setting
When visiting any restaurant I always let the serving staff know that I’m vegan to avoid any issues with meals. Agrabah Cafe is very vegan friendly by default. I love Middle Eastern food as there are so many dishes that are vegan by default.

This restaurant offers a complete meal set so for a fixed price you receive all the food you’d like and a soft drink.


We were given a selection of mezze (small plates, think Middle Eastern tapas) to start with. This included some pitta bread (pre-made) to share. The mezze we got included: 

  • hummus
  • olives
  • tabbouleh (a mix of parsley, tomato, olive oil and couscous)
  • mejadra (lentil and rice salad)
  • carrot salad (cooked carrots with cumin)
  • cooked pepper salad
  • cooked bean salad

Everything is served cold, which is normal. Everything was fine, I’ve certainly had better Middle Eastern food but I used to live in an area with a large Middle Eastern population so I was lucky that I could experience amazing fresh Lebanese and Syrian food. For a vegan that likes Middle Eastern or Moroccan flavours this will leave you satisfied not blown away but definitely satisfied. I think this is my general attitude to theme park food, some will be good, most average but none absolutely amazing. 


The main course was a plate of falafels with couscous with a rich tomato sauce. There was a side of green beans in olive oil and a large dollop of sesame sauce (tahini). The falafels weren’t herby at all and had quite a soft sticky texture. The couscous was plain and the tomato sauce was quite rich. The green beans were cooked fine. The tahini was so rich though which I didn’t enjoy. I love tahini but I feel like it’s an ingredient that should be used sparingly. I would preferred a dollop of hummus on the side instead of the tahini. I had quite bad indigestion after this meal and put it down to the combination of the very rich tomato sauce and the tahini. I ended up not eating much of this course as I found part of it bland and parts too rich. My husband enjoyed it immensely though.
Agrabah Cafe main course
Agrabah Cafe main course


The dreaded fruit salad. As a vegan the vast majority of restaurants in DLP will give you a dessert of sliced fruit, Agrabah Cafe was the same. This was disappointing as we could see other tables got a selection of cute themed desserts. We got a plate of orange segments in a thin cinnamon sugar syrup with mint. It was quite refreshing but feels disappointing when compared to other desserts on offer.
Cafe Agrabah dessert
Cafe Agrabah dessert


A soft drink was included in the price so I got a bottle of water and my husband got a Coke Zero, these drinks are not bottomless like at American parks. We also had a glass of Kronenbourg 1669, this is vegan in France at the time of writing.


The theming in this restaurant looks like it was inspired by the markets from Aladdin. There’s lots of coloured glass and hanging material. This restaurant was opened in 1999 and it looks like it hasn’t has any updating since then. The theming is very cute but some of it (not all) does look quite tired and old. We went for lunch during the day but I would imagine it would look very cozy in the evenings when it gets darker. I don’t believe it opens for dinner but if you got a late lunch reservation in the winter you might get to experience it in the dark. 
Inside shot of Agrabah Cafe
Inside shot of Agrabah Cafe
Overall, I think I would go back to Agrabah Cafe but I think I would prefer it as a buffet. That way I could load up on the elements I really enjoyed like the mezze elements and green beans and avoid some of the elements I was less keen on. This restaurant definitely has the ability to be a healthier option if that’s something you’re interested in.

Written by elaine - Monday 22 November 2021

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