Vegan Breakfast at Disneyland Paris hotels

When researching what breakfast options we had as vegans at Disneyland Paris we found it pretty difficult to find answers online. It is contained within the app but is a little hard to find. You need to search for the restaurant and then select the meal and scroll through lots of content.

When we recently went to Disneyland Paris (October 2021) we opted for a dining package which included breakfast at the hotel. We stayed at Hotel New York. Normally breakfasts are served buffet style but when we were staying due to coronavirus there was table service instead. Some restaurants at Disneyland Paris have started buffet service again since late October 2021.

So onto the breakfast! There was only one choice but if you’re vegan you’ll be used to this. I expect this as I understand it’s still quite a restrictive diet in terms of what is generally offered in restaurants. There was a hot breakfast platter that you could get which consisted of a soy based beef style sausage, roasted tomatoes, baked beans, sliced fried potatoes and grilled bread. The breakfast is fine, it’s not delicious but it is enough to get you going for the day.
Hot vegan breakfast platter
Hot vegan breakfast platter
The server will bring down a basket of pastries and bread when you are seated so it’s good to tell them at this point that you are vegan so they can take it away. You can request a vegan croissant which they may or may not have. It isn’t listed on the menu. This was the best vegan croissant I have ever had, it was flaky, “buttery” and had sugar sprinkled over the top.
Basket of vegan croissants
Basket of vegan croissants
Drinks consisted of fruit juices and coffee, which were bottomless and offered frequently. Ketchup was available on request.

I believe the breakfasts are bottomless but we didn’t ask for seconds as one plate was enough. I also believe that this vegan breakfast is offered at all the onsite hotels but can’t be 100% sure. 

Written by elaine - Wednesday 27 October 2021

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  1. Those croissants are amazing! Almost worth a trip over just for those!!

    tosbourn tosbourn - 27 Oct 2021 3:21 PM