Unique Pin Boards

How many of you have ever stopped to admire some of the different pin boards you can see around the parks. Now some are just basic foam or cork boards. They start to take on a little bit of personality at some locations when these boards are cut to shaped to reflect the theme of the locations they are kept. Some are larger (2 of the largest I have found are at Wilderness Lodge bear Storybook Dining and in Celebrity 5 & 10 on Hollywood Blvd. in Hollywood Studios). Some pin boards can be a little more uniques like the Shield in Norway at the entrance to visit Queen Anna and Ice Queen Elsa or the rope wrapped post in Fountierland. But my favorite pin trading board was one I was DEFINITELY NOT EXPECTING. I was sitting on Sunset Blvd in Hollywood Studios with some friends when a pin-trading friend said “oh, look! The trading is coming to us!” I
Looked around confused as all I saw was a CM pushing a trash can up the Blvd... Wait a minute! CMs don’t usually push around trash cans! Especially when not in the role and costume designating custodial. And even on those rare occasions when you do happen to see custodial CMs with trash supplies, they don’t usually have a typical Disney trash can they are carting around. The CM knew we had spotted her and gave us a knowing smile. As she walked up beside us, she turned the trash can to reveal a pin board fixed to the side. It was so much fun to see this hidden, moving board and be apart of that moment. A bit of pin magic! I don’t even remember what pin I traded for there, because the act of trading was so much more magical. 

So now I have told you about some of the cool boards I have found. I want to know what you have found and where! Also! Tell me if you have had the opportunity to trade with the trash can!  

I’ll have to take a picture with the trash can board if I ever encounter it again. 

Written by LadyRogue86 - Thursday 16 July 2020


  1. I LOVE the pin bin!! We shared it on Instagram ages ago and some of the names people shared for it made me laugh so hard:

    tosbourn 👤tosbourn - 16 Jul 2020 2:49 PM
    1. There ‘e is!

      LadyRogue86 LadyRogue86 - 17 Jul 2020 2:28 AM