Truffle Shuffle Review

We've bought a few things from Truffle Shuffle, and I thought it would be helpful to write a review sharing our thoughts on the products they sell and how we found ordering from them etc.

It is worth stating from the outset; we love Truffle Shuffle enough to be affiliates of theirs. That means if you follow any of the links to them from this review and end up buying something, then even though you don't pay any extra, they will pay us a small percentage. We use this money to help pay for the website's server costs, and we only affiliate ourselves with companies we can stand behind. This is why we're happy to review Truffle Shuffle; we're customers of theirs!

Truffle Shuffle

So, who are Truffle Shuffle - They're a UK-based retro store. Most of the things you loved about the '80s and '90s they will have!

Of course, we are mainly interested in the Disney merchandise, of which they have a lot! (553 items come back when you search for Disney).

As far as I'm aware, they do a mixture of creating their own merchandise and working with other suppliers, such as Loungefly, to provide their stock.

They've been about for over fifteen years at this point, which is pretty impressive for an online shop. We only learned about them a year or so ago.

What we bought from Truffle Shuffle

In our last order, we bought pins and a t-shirt. For the pins specifically, here is what we got;

Chip Pin!
Chip Pin!

A Chip Potts pin
Of course we had to get this Mickey pin!
Of course we had to get this Mickey pin!

A Mickey Mouse pin

A set of Princess pins
A set of Princess pins

The Princess Face JCM set

A set of villain pins
A set of villain pins

The Villains Face JCM set

This review isn't about the specific pins or pins sets we bought, but the quality is exactly as pictured. Fine for what they are! The individual pins are good quality, and I would happily buy them again.

The sets, you certainly get what you pay for! They would make good flair items on a jacket and could maybe fill some spaces in a themed board, but they aren't the quality we've come to expect from official Disney Pin Trading pins.

I will be talking later about my overall thoughts on the pricing.

As well as pins, they also have a Loungefly pin collector backpack on sale.

Where they excel is in selling T-shirts and other items of clothing.

Truffle Shuffle's environmental commitment

I was pleased to read this on their about page;

It's cool to wear awesome tees but it's even cooler to care for the planet, and we're always looking for ways to do our bit. We're committed to reducing the amount of plastic we use - we now ship our orders in paper packaging, re-use any single-use plastic packaging we receive from suppliers, and look for plastic-free products and alternatives wherever we can (you might have spotted more rice husk and breakdown plastics on the site). We increasingly have an eye on environmental friendliness and sustainability, sourcing tees from eco-friendly and Fairtrade materials and printing all our TruffleShuffle clothing in the UK.

Trying to be more sustainable is an important goal for companies, and it would be easy for a company like theirs to ignore the environment and focus on the brands they sell.

They score points for this!

Truffle Shuffle Pricing

The pricing seems entirely fair, I don't think it is a hidden gem with bargains galore, but I've also seen shops selling similar items for a lot more in other places.

They regularly offer site-wide discounts and item-specific money off. For example, right this minute, I see they have 30% off a Loungefly Piglet backpack, and 51% off an Ita pin bag.

Postage costs for Truffle Shuffle

They offer a few different options; these were correct for delivery within the UK at the time we wrote this review;

  • Their standard is a flat £3.95 or free after you spend £40. You should receive things within five days.
  • The express option costs £5.95 and you should receive things within two days.
  • For £9.95, you can get next day delivery.

Living in Northern Ireland, there is always an awkward moment when checking on the delivery. Many places that claim to deliver to the United Kingdom only deliver to Britain, and they can't deliver to Northern Ireland.

Fortunately, Truffle Shuffle uses Royal Mail, which does deliver to Northern Ireland.

We had no issues getting our package; it was sent and arrived on time. Everything came well packaged, and there was no damage to anything.

They do deliver worldwide, and whilst their rates differ, they seem reasonable.

Overall Opinions on Truffle Shuffle

Truffle Shuffle are one of those websites that I love but have to be very careful about going on because I will find an excuse to buy something!

I suggest taking a look because I think you will find some merch you maybe haven't seen in other places and I have every confidence you'll have a good experience with them!

Written by tosbourn - Monday 04 October 2021

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