Top 4 Money Saving Tips for Disney Pin Trading

Get ready for the thrill of the hunt if you haven't tried Disney pin trading yet! However, the main condition for successful trading is the ability to invest effectively. Here are some tips on cost-saving pins that will help you make a profit from this business. But be warned! Disney pin trading might just become an obsession... in the magical Disney way!

#1 Look for discounts

Disney never puts things on sale or clearance in the parks, so you will pay the price you see while it is in the parks. However, Disney removes specialty-seasonal or discontinued merchandise and sends them to the Disney Character Warehouses. You can find these stores at the nearby outlet malls in Orlando. It's worthwhile to check them out to find discounted pins and great seasonal merchandise. If you are planning on getting a car, make sure to stop by one of the outlets early on your trip, so you can get some pins to trade around while you're in the parks!

#2 Buy online

Pin Trading can be quite expensive, with individual pin prices starting at $8.99 and continuing to rise. Initially, when we started Disney Pin Trading, it was affordable, but collecting can become pricey if you're serious about it. Nowadays you can buy pins on eBay or Amazon, sometimes even a little less than the face price. It also happens that someone sells their collection in bulk.

We immediately warn you against potential risks. Firstly, you may encounter intruders and hackers. To protect yourself from many vulnerabilities, you can use VeePN for iPhone or another device you use. Secondly, if the price looks too attractive, there is a high probability that they are trying to sell you a fake. Don’t even dream that you can buy Disney pins that are twice or 30% cheaper. 

#3 Buy packs

At most gift shops, guests have the option to purchase individual pins or multi-pin packs. These packs revolve around a specific theme (for instance, I spent most of the year collecting Disney characters at classic Disney attractions). Guests can buy these packs, which contain two pins, for approximately the price of one mid-priced pin (around $10 or $11). Mystery packs, on the other hand, contain hidden pins. In this case, guests can get two pins for the price of one, thus saving money. These pins can be used for trading with Cast Members or other guests. When I was trying to complete my collection, I traded my duplicates with Cast Members to start and complete another pin collection.

#4 Try to make a profitable exchange

Unfortunately, a few individuals tarnish the reputation of this hobby. However, not every guest inquiring about trading at Walt Disney World has negative intentions. Nonetheless, it's wise to exercise caution when dealing with guests who possess extensive pin collections as many of them tend to be overly serious and lack enjoyment.

Having said that, most regular guests who approach you for trading are harmless. It is only the die-hard enthusiasts who bring their massive collections to the parks that can be impolite and patronizing. While we recommend trading primarily with Cast Members, engaging in trades with other guests can be enjoyable and provide an excellent opportunity to interact with fellow Disney enthusiasts who share a common interest. By the way, we have a guide on how to distinguish fake Disney pins from the original ones. But via the Internet, you can buy exactly the Disney pins you want.


Pin trading can become quite costly! Once I completed one collection, I reduced my collection to special events and runDisney races, as well as acquiring pins when staying at new resorts. However, by employing these suggestions, pin enthusiasts can obtain more pins and enjoy trading them throughout the resort!

Written by tosbourn - Tuesday 31 October 2023

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