Things to Know When Travelling with Disney Pins

As we all know, Disney pins are a popular souvenir and collectable for many Disney fans. These small but precious items can bring joy and magic to any trip, but it's essential to keep them safe and secure during travel. Whether you're flying or driving to your next Disney destination, here are some things to remember when travelling with Disney pins.

Safely store your pins

One of the most important things to consider when travelling with Disney pins is how to store them safely. You don't want to lose or damage your pins during transit, so make sure to store them in a secure location.

You can use a pin trading book, pin display case, or pin bag to keep your pins organised and protected. These products are specifically designed for pin collectors and are perfect for travelling with your precious pins. (we have reviewed quite a few things, including pin bags in the past!)

Keep them close

If you're flying to your destination, and you don't have too many (see my next point!) pack your pins in your carry-on luggage. It's best to keep them with you at all times so you can monitor their safety. Avoid putting them in checked luggage, as they could get lost or damaged during the flight. You should also be prepared to take them out of your bag during security checks to avoid delays.


Plan what to bring

You don't need to bring your entire collection!

When travelling with Disney pins, it's essential to plan what to bring. You don't want to bring too many pins that you won't be able to trade or display, but you also don't want to bring too few that you miss out on trading opportunities. It's best to bring a mix of pins that you're willing to trade and pins that you want to keep for your collection. You should also research the pin trading policies at your destination to make sure you're following any rules or guidelines.

Research pin trading locations

If pin trading is a big part of your Disney vacation, make sure to research pin trading locations at your destination. Many Disney parks and resorts have designated areas for pin trading, so make sure to find out where they are before you arrive. You can also check online forums and groups for pin trading opportunities and events.

If the main locations are closed during your trip, and you aren't going to a specific pin event, then perhaps pack a little lighter!

Consider insuring your Disney pins

If you have a valuable collection of Disney pins, it may be worth considering insurance. Some insurance companies offer coverage specifically for collectables, including Disney pins. You can get coverage for loss, theft, or damage to your pins during transit or on vacation. Before purchasing insurance, make sure to research different policies and companies to find one that best fits your needs and budget. This can provide added peace of mind and protection for your cherished Disney pins.

Questions about travelling with Disney pins

If you have any questions about travelling with Disney pins, please leave them in the comments below!

Written by tosbourn - Wednesday 12 April 2023

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