Some AI generated Disney limericks for you!

I've been playing with Chat GPT recently, not for any specific reason but just to have a bit of a working knowledge of it. My day job is in tech so you can imagine this is a bit of a hot topic.

We all know the real power of AI is in making Disney fans smile. So without further ado I wanted to share four limericks that Chat GPT came up with on the subject of Disney pins.

I think my favourite is the last one, I love that it is on first-name terms with Timothy Q. Mouse


There once was a pin with Mickey,
That collectors thought was quite tricky,
It had a small dent,
But they still spent,
And added it to their collection, so picky!

Belle and Lumiere

A pin with Belle and Lumiere,
Was the prize that the collector held dear,
It shone in the light,
Such a beautiful sight,
And made their heart full of cheer.

Snow White

A trader was looking for Snow White,
To complete their set, try as they might,
They found it at last,
And held it so fast,
With their Disney pin collection, now just right.

Dumbo and Timothy

A pin with Dumbo and Timothy,
Was a rare find, quite the epiphany,
It took them by surprise,
And brought tears to their eyes,
A treasure for their collection, quite a symphony.

Written by tosbourn - Friday 07 April 2023

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