Say hello to our new Pin Event Princess

We are incredibly excited to welcome Lauren, aka PinsWithLoz, to Pin Trader Club.

Lauren is our official Pin Event Princess! If you've noticed our events page looking more full than usual, it is because of her excellent work!

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There are so many awesome events, both in person and online, happening all the time that it is really hard for anyone to keep up.

Lauren (Loz) has very kindly offered her services to help make sure everyone knows what is what when it comes to pin events around the world!

We want to have the world's most complete listing of pins events so everyone has access to see where they can meet up with fellow pin collectors and trade some pins.

We've known Loz for a while now, and always enjoy stalking her when she posts about pin events she attends on her Instagram! We actually interviewed her for the site last year, you should totally check out her awesome Monsters Inc collection!

Recently she was at a Pinsane Pins event and wrote up her experiences, if you haven't read it already we suggest giving it a read, it is really great!

Lauren is an absolute credit to the pin trading community and we're so excited to have her on the team.

If you put on events or live sales and want to chat to Lauren, you can message her here or on Instagram.

Written by tosbourn - Friday 26 August 2022

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  1. Super happy to be part of the team! 💖

    PinsWithLoz PinsWithLoz - 27 Aug 2022 7:50 PM