Pinsane Pins Annual Pin Trading Event London 2022

What a weekend!!

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Want a run down of EVERYTHING that took place at the event? Here you go:

Friday was travel day for quite a few of us, me included! We headed off to Heathrow on Friday afternoon. An hour and a half drive and some standstill traffic on the M25, we finally arrived and checked in to our room at the Thistle Hotel, Terminal 5! I was accompanied by my wonderful fiancé (who I’m sure secretly loves coming to all the pin events with me!), so we unpacked and then headed out to the Harvester for some dinner! After dinner, we headed back to the hotel and started seeing some familiar faces checking into their rooms as we walked through the main lobby. 

Final pin-checks and pricing happened in my hotel room, and then it was lights out ready for the weekend ahead 😍

Saturday started with a buffet-breakfast in the hotel restaurant, and then entrance to the event at 9:30am! On arrival, we were shown into the big conference room, filled with tables and chairs… one of which had our names on it! We found our table and were given a goodie bag with the LE Pinsane button badge, a lanyard with our names on, and some special giveaway tickets! A photobooth was in prime position, free for everyone to use. It was SO popular!! I don’t think I saw it empty! A Festival hair stylist attended to give people some wicked hair stand groovy glitter face paint! That was also a massive hit, and unfortunately I was too busy trading to take part… but everyone looked awesome! There were loads of Giveaways! DPUK, UK Disney Pin Trading and Sales, The Pin Emporium, and Pinsane all contributed to the prize giveaways - all of which were free with your ticket! 😍 how generous 😍

The younger “Pinsaners” had their own competition of designing the next LE Pinsane Button Badge - there were lots of entries and every single drawing looked amazing! It’s so lovely to see traders so young, learning from their family / friends, joining in and part of this amazing community 💖

It was a full on day with hundreds of thousands of pins being traded and lots of very happy grail finders in the room. (Me included! Shoutout to Laura-Beth and Phil at Pinsane for my incredible Figment Jumbo!!)

There were games of Pingo (Limited Edition and Open Edition) where Over 700 pins were won between 12 winners!! 
Congratulations to those people Especially the Profile Pin Winners! Bob was kind enough to share her winnings with the mini-pinsaners which was such a wholesome thing to do - smiles all round! 

Time flew by super fast, I blinked and it was 6pm!!
On Sunday we re-visited the breakfast buffet before the second day began. Then we returned to the conference room and our tables to set up for the day. 
Even more pins were bought, sold and traded.. more games of Pingo were played and more pins were won! Trades took place from binders, books and boards… and I don’t think there was a single person that left empty handed! 

After another 8 hours of pin trading it was time to say goodbye to another Pinsane event 😢

We all packed up and said our goodbyes, then went our separate ways 💖

You could either buy a walk round ticket or a weekend table ticket
Walk round tickets were £9.50 per day 
Table tickets £29 for 1 person for the weekend 

Or £43 for two people! - BARGAIN!

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Limited Edition Pinsane Button for every attendee at the event!
Limited Edition Pinsane Button for every attendee at the event!
Beautiful Festival Hair from the Event!
Beautiful Festival Hair from the Event!

Pin Trading in Full Swing!
Pin Trading in Full Swing!

So many amazing pin tables
So many amazing pin tables

Written by PinsWithLoz - Friday 19 August 2022

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